Jersey City Healthy Living Examiner

The only question is, which version of him are you going to be-Walter White, the mild-mannered high school teacher down on his luck, or the murderous drug kingpin who likes to go by “Heisenberg”? Author of Because I Said So! “Don’t touch your Halloween candy until we get it checked out! There’s always some sicko out there poisoning random trick-or-treaters.” The bogeymen of contemporary Halloween celebrations aren’t ghosts and vampires and cackling witches, unfortunately. Instead, kids are spooked by a series of much more prosaic stories: “The Strychnine in the M&M’s!” or “The Razor Blade in the Candy Apple!” or “The Pedophile Who Groped the Trick-or-Treater!” My childhood Halloweens came right on the heels of the infamous Tylenol-tampering scare of 1982, when poisoned consumer products were on everybody’s mind. As a result, I never got to eat a single piece of Halloween candy until Mom and Dad had gone over the whole bag, looking for needle marks and razor blades and other imagined Vietcong booby traps.

Healthy Food, Healthy Living Arkansas Program to Begin Friday

every year. To continue the development that should have happened in the womb, many spend their first few months of life in intensive care.

Flu shot by nature August 28, 2013 With fall and winter right around the corner this time of year means getting sick with a capital S. If you do happen to fall ill everyone has their own philosophy or recipe for what medications will get you well… Benefits of drinking lemon water August 8, 2013 You either really love lemons or absolutely hate them. The fact is that lemons hold so much health benefits it is insane. Lemons on average cost less than one dollar or in most cases you can get 3-4 for…

PETIT JEAN MOUNTAIN, AR (News release) – The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute will host Healthy Food, Healthy Living Arkansas, a program of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, beginning Friday. The three-day program, designed to provide training and information to physicians on how to advise their patients to eat healthier, is in its second year.


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