Gluten-free diet depends on what’s eating you

‘Serve to Win’: Following the Novak Djokovic Diet

Whitney Jones of Midwest Gastroenterology Associates in Louisville, Ky. “It’s just sort of a phenomenon.” Some say being gluten-free eases digestive symptoms and makes them feel healthier. Some say it can help people with autism or attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. And some hope it helps them lose weight. Doctors and dietitians are divided about who can benefit from going gluten-free beyond the 1 in 133 Americans with Celiac disease, which can lead to osteoporosis, thyroid disease or even cancer if left untreated. They also agree it can help people with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, a less severe immune response estimated to affect 18 million Americans, or 6 percent of the population. But there is less evidence that it helps in other instances, and experts generally say it’s not a good weight-loss strategy. “A well-balanced diet and exercise are the keys to weight control,” said Dr. Shawna Kauffman, a family medicine physician with Norton Healthcare. “At this point, I look at (going gluten-free for weight loss) as a fad diet.” Deborah Eck, a registered dietitian contracted with Norton, suggested that those adopting a gluten-free diet consult a dietitian or other medical professional to ensure they are eating well-balanced meals. Kauffman agreed.

HTC One Mini: ‘Diet’ done right Video

(Which actually happened with a particularly rude tortilla chip a few months ago, alas.) But fueled by seeds and oats and active biotic ingredients, I feel somewhat phenomenal. Theres none of my typical pre-morning slump, despite the absence of coffee, and as I gather my belongings to meet a friend and go grocery shopping I sense this signals the beginning of a brave, new era of gluten-free productivity. This feeling abates the instant muscle I begin collecting foodstuffs to prepare the rest of my meals, and begin to understand the benefit of being a multiple Grand Slam champion. Djokovics tennis earnings mean he doesnt feel the financial sting of those gluten-free ingredients as much as I, a freelancer combing through several overpriced organic food stores while weighing the cost-benefit between a $12 jar of almond butter and a $30 tin of manuka honey. Surely a teaspoon of almond butter cant make that much of a difference in my smoothie, can it? Still, Im able to make some smart decisions to give myself plenty to work with. Heres one revelation I find pretty amusing: the same brandmaker of one type of rice pasta sells a pound of shells for $4.59, while 12 ounces of penne comes in at $5.59. Apparently, the sense of shame that comes with eating pasta shapes made for children is worth a full dollars discount and four more ounces of food, though I clearly lack the pride to care. Jeremy Gordon Gluten-free pasta primavera Djokovics other big advantage comes from having a professional team to prepare this stuff for him.


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