Fitness First to boost presence with GBP77.5 million investment

The plans also include expanding its presence in countries worldwide. GBP44 million of the investment would be used on renovating clubs and testing out new ideas. The GBP77.5 million investment follows a smaller investment of at least GBP20 million into the UK business earlier this year. “Investing at this level illustrates our confidence in the potential of our business and the international fitness industry, which is growing at over 5% a year. In addition to our recent GBP26 million investment to boost the quality of our UK clubs, we have our sights set on building on our strong position internationally,” said Andy Coslett, Fitness First CEO. The previous operators of Fitness First was BC partners, a private equity firm. BC Partners bought the chain for GBP1 billion in 2005.

Fitness-Enthusiast Coulla Pieri Shares Trainer Favorites

Fitness-Enthusiast Coulla Pieri Shares Trainer Favorites

Finding a moving meditation is a great way to practice instead of performing poses. Beginning with seated meditation helps my body to relax and my mind to calm and focus and intuition to take the wheel. Coulla Pieri Talks on Muscle Endurance and Power According to Coulla Pieri, Orangetheory Fitness claims to produce increased muscle endurance, power and stamina and weight loss. The gym operates in 144 locations and pushes participants hard.


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